On-site washes delivered right where they're parked.
NuWash for fleets
Save 50%+ on labor time and missed revenue opportunities. 

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The average fleets loses $60+ in labor time, fuel, and lost revenue opportunity every time an employees makes a trip to get the vehicle washed.
Over a year, this lost time can cost your business more than $3,000 per vehicle.
NuWash's on-site exterior and interior wash service helps you cut costs, drive revenues, and maintains your biggest assets.
Earn more, spend less.
How it works
Earn more, spend less.
 1. You park your vehicles like normal.

2. NuWash cleans your vehicles overnight (or anytime). Exterior and interior available. No water run off.

3. Review your invoice and reporting dashboard for business insights.

Want refueling too? Ask us about our fuel partner! We handle everything.
Clean fleets made easy.
Earn more
Maximize your revenue generating hours. We wash when you aren't operating.
Save on labor time
No more paid employee time spent driving to and waiting at the car wash. 
Own your brand
Your vehicle is your best advertisement. Keep it clean. 
Set your schedule
Get washed 24/7, on any frequency. Whatever works for you.
Business insights
Gain actionable business insights from detailed dashboard reporting.
Maintain your assets
Save on vehicle maintenance and maximize the life span of your vehicles.
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